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Practice Groups

Green Gators:

Youngest, least experienced swimmers.

Typical age: 5-8 years old with 0-2 years competitive swim experience.

Required Skills: Swim the length of the pool unassisted. Follow Coaches' instructions for duration of 30 minute practice session. Rudimentary front crawl (freestyle). Rudimentary backstroke.

Goals: Develop proficiency in freestyle and backstroke. Learn fundamentals of breast and butterfly strokes.

10 & Under

The most populous practice group, with wide range of skill levels.

Typical age: 6-10 years old with 1-4 years of competitive swim experience.

Required Skills: Proficiency in freestyle and backstroke. Rudimentary ability in breast and butterfly strokes. Follow Coaches' instructions, have sufficient physical/mental endurance for duration of 60 minute practice session.

Goals: Develop proficiency in all four strokes. Develop racing skills including: diving starts, flip turns, finishes, individual medley. Physical conditioning.

11 & Over

Most advanced swimmers.

Typical age: 10-18 with 3-10 years of competitive swim experience.

Required Skills: Proficiency in racing all strokes including individual medley. Ability to follow Coaches' instructions, including familiarity with common drills and sets.

Goals: Honing racing skills. Physical conditioning.

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