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The Little Hunting Park Gators Swim Team is a seasonal team and charter member of the Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL). Summer 2024 marks LHP's 69th season. Anticipation runs high as we set our sights on a rewarding season with NVSL Division 4.

Our team's primary objective is to provide each swimmer the opportunity to enhance their swimming abilities and contribute to the success of the team, fostering both individual growth and team achievements. With a dedicated focus on stroke refinement, sportsmanship, building team camaraderie, recognizing accomplishments, and ensuring an atmosphere of enjoyment and fun, the Gators are committed to providing a fulfilling and enriching experience for all participants.

End of year slideshow: https://photos.app.goo.gl/39XXF2oKxKGDrC8S6

Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lhpgators_swim/

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Registration for 2024 Season

We look forward to a FUN 2024 Swim Team Season.

Registration for the 2024 Season is open!

Look for the blue "Register Now" button on this page.

When registering be sure to have the following information handy: LHP membership number, swimmer's physician contact, health insurance info, two emergency contacts.

  • If you have a login, please use that, as it will auto populate the form and save you lots of time. Once you have logged in click the blue "register now" button at the top of the homepage.
  • If you do not have a login, click the register now button to establish one. On a laptop the button is on the right side of the page, on a phone it's at the bottom.
  • The swim team will be handling any fees associated with credit cards. To simplify on our end, there is not a pay by check option. If you are unable to pay by credit card, please contact Matias at [email protected]. The traditional two-week trial period with full refund will still apply, we will simply refund your credit card (minus cc fees) if you child decides not to participate.

The Swim Team Fee includes swimming instruction, swim meets, end-of-season banquet, and an award.

  • 1 swimmer: $165
  • 2 swimmers: $300
  • 3+ swimmers: $380

Coach Dylan Louison will be assuming the role of head coach, assisted by Coach Francesca Almeida and Coach Erin Althouse, as well as our team of wonderful junior coaches. Planning for the season has been underway for some time and they are excited to seeing everyone soon!

Please forward this to any new members you think might have interest in swim team.

Please contact Brooke or Matias if you have any questions or concerns - we might be able to help.


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Swim Team Eligibility

Little Hunting Park members, who are between the ages of 5 and 18 (as of June 1) are eligible to join the Gators. Additionally, swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool unassisted and be judged by the Head Coach to be capable of effectively participating in 30-minute practice sessions. Swimmers who have developed sufficient skills to participate in practice sessions may join the Team anytime throughout the season and are strongly encouraged to do so.

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Division 4! Swim Team Registration is opens!

Hello Gators! We are excited to announce that Little Hunting Park will be competing in NVSL Division 4 this summer!

The other pools in our division are: Orange HuntVienna AquaticLee GrahamVienna Woods, and Hiddenbrook. These are the pools we will compete against for our Saturday NVSL meets. (Our Monday non-league meets will be held with other neighborhood pools as per usual.)

This is yet another historic moment for the Gators, and we are so proud and excited to welcome all of our wonderful families back for another exciting summer of swimming, friendship, and most importantly- FUN.

A printable copy of the Team Schedule is available on this page, which is must-have posting in every Gator household, but be sure to consult your inbox or this website for the most up to date info.

We are already looking for volunteers- especially anyone interested in being a meet official that requires certification (stroke and turn, starter, referee). The certification training dates for these positions can be found here. If you are interested in getting involved in this capacity, please let us know. It's a lot of fun, and the best seat in the house.


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The Basics

Always bring a water bottle to practices and meets.  Hydration is a critical component to your swimmers' comfort and success.  During meets, healthy snacks should be packed to discourage runs on concessions alternatives....(uphill battle, we understand)

Swimmers should wear an appropriate "racing" swimsuit, well-fitting goggles and cap to practices and meets.

Good quality goggles, suits, training fins and other swimming related gear are available at Sport Fair in Arlington.

Spare goggles and caps are often handy. Don't forget a towel (or two)!

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2024 Swim Season: What to Expect

The following is a tentative schedule of 2024 practices and meets.  This is subject to change check your inbox and this website for the latest information.


Pre-season: May 28- JUN 12 4:30-7:50 pm multiple sessions run slow-to-fast.

Daily, weekday morning practices will be held June 13-July 19.  

7:00-8:00 am Advanced

8:00-9:00 am Intermediate/Advanced 

9:00-9:55 am Intermediate

9:55-10:25 am Green Gators

Evening "make-up" Practices June 13 - July 18: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:30-7 pm (Green Gators)  7-8 pm (Intermediate and Advanced).


The Gators will be competing in NVSL's Division 4!

Time Trials: Saturday June 8  Hollin Hills @ LHP 

NVSL Dual meets:  Saturdays (Coach selection, fastest available swimmers)

June 15 Orange Hunt (OH) @ LHP

June 22 LHP @ Vienna Woods (VW)

June 29 Lee Graham (LG) @ LHP

July 6 Vienna Aquatic Club (VAC) @ LHP

July 13 LHP @ Hiddenbrook (HB)

NVSL Division Relay Carnival and Individual Divisional Championship (Coach selection, fastest available swimmers)

June 26  Wednesday Relay Carnival @ Lee Graham (LG)

July 20 Divisionals @ Vienna Woods (VW)

NVSL All Star Relay Carnival and Individual All Stars: July 10 @ Rutherford and July 27 @ Pinecrest (League qualifying)

Monday meets: (Open meets)

June 10 LHP @ LHP

June 17 Stratford (SRA) @ LHP 

June 24 Mansion House (MHC) @ LHP

July 1 LHP @ Virginia Hills (VH)

July 8 Mount Vernon Park (MVP) @ LHP

Other meets:

July 14 (Sunday) Woodley Invitational Mini Meet (10U) @ Woodley (W) (Open meet, fee per event)

July 15 (Monday) IM Invitational @ Waynewood) (Coach selected, fastest available swimmers)

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For Parents:

Please declare swimmers' availability at all meets on this site. 

Please remain off the deck during practices and meets (unless in an official capacity).

Please refrain from conversation with Coaches during practices and meets.

Please ensure your swimmer remains in the Team area during meets.

These requests are made with the intent to maximize the success of the Team.

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Friday Night FUN!

Friday Nights are FUN nights during the Swim Season.  The following events are 


Fridays June 7 - July 12

Lollipop Races  5:45 pm (No L-pop races 14 JUN, Team Photo)

An opportunity for the youngest Gators (and pre-Gators) to get their first taste of competition and a sweet treat!  Flotation assistance (kickboards/noodles) allowed and strongly encouraged if there are any doubts. 

Pasta Dinner  6:30 pm

A long-standing, popular tradition at LHP.  Socialize with old friends, while making new friends.  Swim and Tennis Teams' weekly awards presentations and pep rally.  The Coaches judge the coveted "Pasta of the Week" award.

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Help Wanted: Officials

Certified race officials are essential for competitive swimming.  The Gators have long enjoyed an exceptional pool of officiating talent, best exemplified by Head of Officials, Don McIlwain, universally regarded as one of the top officials in the league.  While the Gators' current bench of officiating talent is very strong, it is also quite thin.  ALL parents are strongly encouraged to consider these volunteer roles; especially those parents with any of the following qualifications:

Kids are year-round swimmers

Previous (or current) competitive swimming experience

A love of the sport, whether long held or newly acquired.

League training is free of charge and takes just a couple of hours. 

Please contact Brooke, Matias or Don for more information

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Volunteer Opportunities

Why should the kids have all the fun?  Parents may participate in swim meets in a variety of fun and exciting ways: marshals, concessions, timers, data table, judges, starters, announcers, runner, clerks of course etc.

While updating your swimmers' availability at meets, be sure to volunteer for your preferred role, before someone else does!

More detailed descriptions of roles found here

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Gator Gratitude

Many thanks to 2024 Swim Team Sponsor

Nancy Perkins

TTR Sotheby's International Realty

for her generous support of Team and Club!

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